Mobile Mindshare and The Future of Consumer Insights

by Jacob Tucker, Research Analyst,

Mobile Shopping
Over the past few decades, bulky desktops have been swapped out for sleek tablets, Walkmans (remember those?) discarded for iPods, and news consolidated into microblogs. In this age of continuous innovation, new technology loses its shelf life quickly. In the Market Research space alone, the methods for gathering insights have gone from a clipboard to a smartphone.
Research professionals, in the advent of big data, have found the need to dig deeper into the psyche of respondents, to see things through their vantage point, and to capture their behavioral experiences (in real-time). While this may sound like a tall order, the availability of the mobile platform puts these previously unattainable insights within reach.

Real Time Responses

In order to give an example of the insights that can be gleaned from mobile polls, we analyzed data from our ongoing iPoll location-based surveys. The findings are detailed in our white paper, The Mobile Advantage: Capturing in the Moment Behavioral Experiences. Consumer experience can now be harnessed through geo-targeted mobile polls. Whether they are shopping, dining, or going to the movies, consumers can provide in-the-moment feedback through mobile polls.

Mobile polls can also capture rich responses through photo, video and audio, all of which provides businesses a rare glimpse through the eyes of their customers. This not only serves as an important layer of validation, but also gives clients more confidence to make critical decisions.

While the data itself tells a story, it is mobile’s power to record a respondent’s reaction the moment he or she is experiencing it — without relying on recall — that is the true narrative. Mobile polls have the capability to capture real-world behavioral experiences – bringing us one step closer to the theory that mobile will one day be the “brains external hard-drive.”

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