How Panel Technology Has Changed the Nature of Market Research Fieldwork

By Dean Burnett, Senior Director, Global Panel Operations

market research

The increasing availability of high-quality, on-demand audiences has completely changed the nature of market research fieldwork. Panels make it easier than ever before to reach highly qualified survey respondents. Gone are the days when teams spent endless amounts of time recruiting research participants, budgeting months to get projects done and sending researchers into the field armed with surveys and clipboards. Instead, market research agencies and brands can quickly and affordably source the respondents that they need and focus on research designs and analysis that yield high-quality data results. Here’s a closer look at some of the key ways that panel technology is changing market research fieldwork.

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Will Mobile Market Research Change the Deals Space?

By Edan Portaro, ‎EVP Global Business Development & Mobile Innovation

mobile market research deals

Mobile market research could be the force that finally undoes the success of deal sites like Groupon and LivingSocial. When they first debuted just a few short years ago, consumers flocked to the sites that acted as platforms to access discounted spa services, entertainment tickets, restaurant gift certificates and more. But in recent years, their popularity has waned despite a proliferation of sites targeting different demographics. Yet consumers are always on the lookout for a bargain. Personalized insights could spark the next big trend in the deals space. Here’s a closer look at the role that mobile market research can play as brands look for new ways to reinvent discounts and coupons in the mobile age.

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Instantly Shelf Score May 2015 — Grocery Edition

By The Editors

ShelfScore_May2015 (1)

The consumer packaged goods (CPG) space is ripe with innovation, and this month store shelves feature a number of new products from established brands branching out of their staple CPG categories. Nearly every item on May’s Instantly Shelf Score™ offers something truly unique. Each month, we release a new edition of Shelf Score with a top-10 ranking of new product introductions to the CPG space. Each of the featured products has been evaluated using Instantly Concept Test™ and ranked according to consumer purchase intent. In other words, how excited are people about these new foods and how likely are they to buy them?

In May, we saw new twists on classic snacks including crackers, cookies and pretzels. This included the introduction of a decadent chocolate drink mix, chips that can pack a surprise punch and a nod toward the roots of a major soda brand. Read on to learn more about the latest consumer CPG product releases.

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Around the Web: Survey of Movie Viewers Reveals Untapped Mobile Market

By The Editors

movie goers

Fifty-five percent of movie goers are likely to dine out before or after watching a movie, according to a recent survey conducted by Screenvision, an advertising and film distribution company, of its 2,200 theaters. Twenty-two percent of those surveyed indicated they will shop before or after seeing a film. In a recent article on the survey Alex Samuely of Mobile Commerce Daily writes, “Brands seeking to target consumers on second-screen devices have access to a virtually untapped market of movie theaters’ 3.5 million mobile touch points for engagement, which can provide massive commerce potential, suggesting that marketers should leverage more geofencing tactics to target mobile users inside and outside of cinemas.”
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6 Types of Research Studies You Should Be Doing On Mobile: Industry Experts Sound Off

By The Editors

studys should be on mobile

It’s the future. It’s old news. It’s saving market research. It’s just a mode. Whatever your perspective on mobile research, one thing is clear: It must be considered as a part of any research strategy.

Even if you’ve never conducted a mobile study, you may have more experience with this ever-evolving mode than you think. As Managing Director of The Future Place Ray Poynter points out, “Almost everything that is being done online is being done on mobile (for about one-third of respondents), so people need to think mobile when they conduct online research.”

President of Researchscape International Jeffrey Henning agrees. “You’re already doing a mobile study, even if you didn’t plan for it,” he says.

Even with that in mind, it can be difficult to know how to get started in mobile research and which studies to try first. So we asked industry thought leaders: What types of research studies should be done on mobile?
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How Market Researchers Uncover the “Why” of Consumer Behavior

By Scott Worthge, Vice President, Research Solutions & Automated Sample

market researchers

I’ve been thinking a lot recently about how companies really use market intelligence, and the impact that good data will have as it flows through various types of analyses and interpretation to become “actionable.” That age-old goal of insights, not just numbers, so that decisions and actions can be based on the best information available. From this perspective, I’ve focused on three levels of insight that companies look for with market intelligence. One is understanding market forces, as in what kind of external events and activities are influencing the flow of business. The second is consumer reaction to a specific product or service, and how they behave when confronted with that product or service. Finally, the third is a more nuanced and delicate thing: the why of consumer behaviors. Understanding the “why” that drives consumers to do what they do at a psychological or emotional level—a critical view that will have profound implications for how brands approach product development, marketing, and the way they run their businesses.

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How Market Research Improves Brand and Customer Loyalty

By Edan Portaro, EVP Global Business Development & Mobile Innovation

brand loyalty and market research

Many of today’s conversations around business growth focus on acquiring new customers. What is your brand doing to increase awareness, generate new product ideas and connect with the expanding sea of prospective buyers? But an equally important area of exploration for brands is how market research feeds into building customer loyalty with their existing buyers. From a business perspective, customer loyalty matters. It can be up to seven times more expensive to acquire a new customer than to build a better relationship with your existing ones. Market research can help give brands the tools that they need to improve customer loyalty. Here’s a closer look at how researchers are leveraging market research to keep customers happy and coming back for more over time.

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How to Maximize the Impact of Your Research Results

By Jeffrey Henning, President of Researchscape International 

create collisions

At last week’s NEMRA Spring 2015 conference in Massachusetts, Kelley Styring of Insightfarm shared four ways to generate greater awareness of research results, whether within an organization (for corporate researchers), within a client’s organization (for research agencies) or with the public (for syndicated researchers).

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Around the Web: What Mobile Technologies Marketers Use Right Now

By The Editors


London-based Greenlight recently released a “Hype or Ripe” survey that revealed what technologies marketers think are the most helpful in marketing and what’s been overhyped. Interestingly, the most talked about tech—wearables and smart watches—were rated the most buzzed item that was a huge let down. Seventy percent of marketers think that the “capabilities cannot match the buzz around the devices,” according to a Mobile Marketing Magazine article.
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