Why Panel Size Is the Wrong Metric: Other Aspects to Consider for Market Research Projects

By Joe Jordan, Vice President, Panel Operations

market research

When an agency or brand selects a panel provider for their next market research project, one of the main criteria that’s often used is panel size. The first question researchers ask vendors is, “How large is your panel?” Yet it’s often the wrong metric. In many cases, the industry has been trained to ask the wrong question. Panel size is important up to a minimum threshold, but then it becomes meaningless. Consider, for example, sites like Upwork, where companies hire freelancers for a variety of tasks. Companies don’t ask, “How many freelancers are in the database?” Instead, they ask, “Does this company have the right freelancers in the database?” The same premise applies to choosing a panel provider: Can they deliver the right number of your audience that you need? Let’s take a closer look at how market researchers can move toward asking the right questions to help them in their panel selection process.

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Around the Web: 4 Successful Strategies for Mobile Marketing in Retail Stores

By The Editors

Shopping woman with mobile phone

As more shoppers carry and consult their smartphones while making purchasing decisions in brick-and-mortar stores, it’s more important than ever to ensure a smooth and seamless mobile experience for customers. A recent article from Independent Retailer highlights four practical ways to develop a winning mobile marketing campaign for retail shops. Consider integrating all or some of these tips as the 2015 holiday season approaches. Continue reading

Can Mobile Market Research Help Pivot Your Holiday Sales Strategy?

By Ian Riner, Director of Research Solutions

mobile market research during the holidays

The holiday season is one of the most important periods for retailers, consumer packaged goods (CPG) companies and many other businesses. Holiday sales strategies are becoming increasingly complex, from huge advertising campaigns to major Black Friday promotions. Today’s holiday period stretches from October to December—and many retailers have found ways to push the buying frenzy into January. Yet once the holiday season is underway, many businesses think they’re locked into a course of action with regard to sales and marketing. While that may be true to an extent, market research also lets businesses keep a pulse on what’s working and what’s not. When you’re empowered with real-time, accurate market research data, it’s sometimes possible to pivot away from activities that aren’t working and throw your weight behind the projects that are. Here’s a closer look at how mobile market research lets companies pivot their holiday sales strategies when needed. Continue reading

5 CPG Trends Set to Dominate This Winter Season

By Elisabeth Mischel, Vice President, Insights Sales

CPG trends


With autumn beginning to fade Americans are hearing more about the countdown to Christmas and predictions about snow on the horizon. Consumer packaged good (CPG) companies are gearing up with new product releases that focus on winter-friendly foods: soups, chilis, and decadent holiday treats. There are several familiar holiday and cold weather trends hitting the shelves, but some CPG brands are pushing boundaries with new products as well. Here’s a closer look at five of the biggest trends that brands will be paying attention to this winter season.

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How Market Research Supports Sales Organizations

By Catherine Gibbon, Senior Marketing Manager

market research and sales organizations

How can market research help sales teams to operate more efficiently and close more deals? There’s a strong association between market research and marketing functions within most companies, but market research insights drive sales performance as well. From giving sales professionals a better understanding of the competitive landscape to creating richer customer archetypes, sales teams that apply market research to their work have a distinct edge. Yet the level of collaboration and information sharing between sales and marketing varies widely from organization to organization. Let’s take a closer look at the business case for sharing market research information with sales teams—and how it can dramatically improve their performance.

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Around the Web: How One Mall Chain Ramps Up Holiday Sales Through a Mobile App

By The Editors

Checking the price tag of a blouse

As the holiday season approaches and more customers are hitting the malls for great deals, one regional mall chain is helping its brick-and-mortar stores entice customers who are constantly connected to their smartphones. By offering StepsAway, a browser-based mobile app, that can be used through the mall’s free WiFi, potential customers get deals and offers for stores within the mall without having to download an app. “Data suggests that very few shoppers download a mall-specific app to their phone; however, they will log onto a WiFi network whereby they can easily view the particular mall’s promotions in their browser,” explains Allan Haims, president and CEO of StepsAway in a Mobile Commerce Daily article.
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The Evolution of Product Placement in TV and Film: How Smart Brands Get Leverage

By Elisabeth Mischel, Vice President, Insights

product placement

Image Source: Flickr CC User flash.pro

In the classic 90s TV show “The X-Files,” the most frightening character was Cigarette Smoking Man, a shadowy man, whose name we never really learned, who was at the center of every conspiracy, lurking in the shadows and pulling the strings. He was also constantly smoking, as his name implied. He always had a pack of his trusted Morleys and sometimes the characters even knew “He was just here!” because of the familiar empty red pack. For some TV fans, Morleys was a recognizable brand, even if it wasn’t real. The brand has been featured on shows from “The Twilight Zone” to “Buffy the Vampire Slayer.” In fact, if you didn’t pay much attention to cigarettes in real life, you would have just assumed they were real. They aren’t, though—they are a brand made entirely for TV, a concept that has all but disappeared in the last decade with the rise of product placement.

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How to Write a Mobile Market Research Proposal

By Emily Tomasiewicz, Director of Mobile Innovation

mobile market research

What are the essential components that need to be included in a mobile market research proposal? When a new client approaches your agency, the discovery phase reveals a lot about the client, their needs and business drivers, their research problems and possible avenues that you can take to help them. Researchers are responsible for seeing opportunities and supplying the best methodology needed; increasingly, this includes adding mobile market research to the mix. Yet there are certain elements that should be part of a mobile market research proposal—both to properly frame the project and to help ensure the client moves forward with the contract. Here is a closer look at some critical elements to consider when you’re crafting your next mobile market research proposal.

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