September 2015 Instantly Shelf Score – Grocery Edition

By The Editors

9.15 SS

The consumer packaged goods (CPG) space is famous for limited edition and seasonal flavors, and this month store shelves feature a number of new products with autumnal notes. Accordingly, nearly every item on September’s Instantly Shelf Score™ is a unique spin on fall favorites. Each month, we release a new edition of Shelf Score with a top-10 ranking of new product introductions to the CPG space. Each of the featured products has been evaluated using Instantly Concept Test™ and ranked according to consumer purchase intent. In other words, how excited are people about these new foods and how likely are they to buy them?
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Around the Web: How to Effectively Solicit a User’s Location Data

By The Editors


Executives addressed how marketers can give consumers what they want while also getting them to agree to share their location information at a recent Mobile Media Summit in New York City. JiYoung Kim, senior vice president of creative and strategy at Ansible, explained in his talk, “People and Places: Data, Location and Mobile,” that location accuracy for mobile marketers has greater accuracy, but more people disable location-based detection from apps and brands. “It is not so much that consumers, and especially Millennials and younger generations are saying they care about their privacy, it is more that they are aware of how valuable their data is and they want something in return,” said Kim.
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Why Mobile is Essential and Other Important Takeaways from MRMW Europe 2015

By Ben Leet, Managing Director, Europe


Mobile is one topic the market research industry loves talking about, and it was certainly embraced and discussed in full at the recent MRMW Europe 2015 conference in London: “Breaking the Barriers – Impacting the Future.” A few members of the Instantly team attended the conference, and we were impressed with the quality of speakers, content and overall value of the show. Here are some of the highlights from the conference.
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What’s Driving the Popularity of Bone Broth?

By Elisabeth Mischel, Vice President, Insight Sales

bone broth

We’ve seen an increased focus on grass-fed meat and game meats in recent years, as well as the introduction of ancestral grains to provide a gluten-free alternative to rice. Terms like “wildcrafting” are making an appearance on product labels in the wake of these new trends, and the ancestral health trend is impacting everything from the way we eat to the products that are hitting grocery shelves. One of the hottest trends we’re seeing in the market today is the resurgence in popularity of bone broth.

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Removing the Artificial: Natural Food’s Second Wave

By Jared Smith, Senior Marketing Manager, Communications & Content

Orange Juice

In February, Nestlé USA announced it would remove artificial flavors and colors from all of its chocolate candy products by the end of 2015. It was the first major consumer packaged goods (CPG) manufacturer to move away from FDA-certified ingredients like Red 40 and Yellow 5, kicking off a wave of similar announcements. In the months that followed, Hershey, General Mills and Kraft all revealed their plans to replace artificial ingredients with all-natural alternatives. When four of the largest food makers in the United States make significant changes to their manufacturing processes and ingredients, surely something is up. But what’s driving this change?
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Creating Your Questionnaire: The 4 Building Blocks of Any Successful Survey

By Scott Worthge, Vice President, Mobile Solutions

building blocks

When creating a survey, how do you begin? Perhaps you look at resources cataloging industry best practices, featuring “how-to’s” on subjects such as overall length, complexity of the questions, using the appropriate scales and so on. While that is all valuable information—in fact, I’ve written previous blog posts on these subjects—I’m going to ask you to take a step back from digging into developing measurements and questions right away. Instead, let’s look first at the foundation on which your measurements, questions, structure and flow will be built into your survey. Think of this as you would building a house—you have to make sure the foundation is properly laid before anything else happens, and this foundation is what I’m calling the Four Building Blocks.
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Around the Web: Surefire Ways to Create Push Notifications That Aren’t Ignored

By The Editors


With countless of mobile apps producing innumerable notifications, how do you get yours to rise about the noise? Gal Shvebish, the vice president of products for global mobile marketing agency MOBurst, shares some valuable tips for crafting push notifications that create results rather than simply being ignored in a recent post on the TNW News site. Push notifications are tricky because they can easily turn off an app user, but if done right, Shvebish writes, “push notifications boost retention rates by a staggering 180 percent.”
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What’s Sustaining the Popularity of Lay’s “Do Us a Flavor” Market Research Initiative?

By Andy Jolls, Chief Marketing Officer

Do Us a Flavor

The consumer packaged goods (CPG) industry is relentless regarding the pace of innovation that it demands. The food and snack categories are especially so. In order to fuel the need for a constant stream of new flavors, limited edition promotions and entirely new product categories that hit the shelves each year, brands need to be growth and innovation machines. Developing ideas for new products and testing them with the market is a huge component of that process. Frito-Lay’s Do Us a Flavor competition is one interesting model for how companies are sourcing product ideas, testing product concepts and connecting with their audiences. Here’s a closer look at what brands can learn from their example.

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